the eighth session of the Chinese Sailing Day celebrations in Nanjing

Issuing time:2023-10-08 13:51

In July 11th, the eighth session of the Chinese Sailing Day celebrations in Nanjing, director of the Ministry of transport maritime bureau Chinese song Dexing said, twenty-first Century is the century of the ocean, blue century. China has 3 million square kilometers of sea area is shipping power and maritime power forward.

To commemorate the Chinese navigator Zheng He seven West 600 years, the State Council set up in 2005 Chinese navigation day, July 11th is the date of the maiden voyage of the western Zheng He, this day is also regarded as the world maritime day in Chinese the implementation date. Nanjing treasure shipyard ruins park is the only place exactly, can visit the Zheng He treasure ship shipyard site, are valuable materials for studying the Zheng He treasure ship.

In the sailing day activities, in accordance with the proportion of the year Zheng He fleet 1:1 re built a treasure ship will be held in the main ceremony of the completion of the ceremony of. The "treasure ships" is 71.1 meters long, more than 14 meters wide, a displacement of 1800 tons, from a total of 5 layers, six masts six sails, a 38 meters high. Bao dimensions, drainage volume is currently the world's largest antique wooden boat.

It is reported that the ship Zheng He treasure ship will be completed by the end of the main equipment installation, 2014 launch, with ocean navigation capabilities. The trial is successful, will open the eight voyages of the sea journey.

At present, more than 90% of the total foreign trade of goods China is completed by shipping, 99% more than the imported ore, 95% of the crude oil transportation is completed by shipping, shipping is any other modes of transport can not be replaced; and coastal transportation of key materials, such as coal transportation from north to South to play in ensuring the smooth operation of the national economy the role is irreplaceable." Song Dexing said.

Minister of transport Li Shenglin said that Nanjing is the birthplace of the maritime culture of Zheng He. This year's nautical day activities to perceive Zheng He, embrace the sea "as the theme, to carry forward the Zheng He maritime culture, this is the spirit of Zheng He's thoughts and carry forward, and in carrying forward the Chinese national spirit, open, peaceful and friendly exchanges and cooperation with the excellent quality of heritage, will further promote the development of Nanjing and the country's maritime and marine business.

The opening ceremony of the conference on "to the sea" as the theme, through the "big river", "sea", "tide" three chapters and rich and colorful art form, fully embodies the nautical day activities and navigation of culture and inheritance of the spirit of Zheng He, with international trade, promote marine economic characteristics. The General Assembly issued a "Nanjing declaration" Chinese Sailing Day, the initiative to carry forward the spirit of Zheng He, a brilliant sailing; the development of marine economy, blue home care; safeguarding ocean rights and interests, maintain peace in the ocean; the construction of maritime culture, advocating marine civilization.

The general assembly also commended a number of actively promoting Maritime Cultural Construction, have made outstanding contributions to the spirit of Zheng He, to promote the development of shipping and marine industry advanced collectives and individuals, awarded 9 units and Zhang Bingyan 6 comrades "Maritime Cultural Contribution award".

During the event, will hold a series of special and related activities, including the international river shipping logistics development forum, Chinese pilot forum, antique Zheng He treasure ship hull and the completion of Nanjing Zheng He cultural tourism line opened etc..

It is reported that the Pearl River, Yangtze River area, the main venue of the previous Sailing Day activities organized cities and throughout the country will continue to carry out colorful, distinctive celebration.